From serving America, to serving you Texas-Style Barbecue.


Rossler's BLUE CORD Barbecue opened in early 2016 and is located in Killeen, TX. Since then Owner and Pitmaster, Steven Wayne Rossler Jr., has been sticking to TRUE Central Texas style BBQ. The offset stick burner, Post oak, salt, pepper and a whole lot of love go into all of Rossler's BLUE CORD Barbecue.

Still an Active Duty Army NCO, Steven has been serving the last 18 years as an Infantrymen and is a Bronze Star with Valor recipient. He has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His main focus with Rossler's BLUE CORD Barbecue, is to pay homage to his family name and his duty in the military. He lives daily remembering the Fallen and proud to stand next to everyone who has served, past, present and future.

What does BLUE CORD stand for? During the Korean War General "Lightning Joe" Collins, Chief of Staff for the Army, asked a group of advisers what could be done to enhance the morale of the fighting Infantryman. It was decided that they would receive special insignia, so that everyone would know that the Soldier was an Infantryman who would be fighting on the front lines. A light-blue cord was created to be worn over the right shoulder of both officers and enlisted men. Also, light-blue plastic disks were issued to be placed behind the metal "crossed rifles" Infantry branch of service insignia disks as well as on the disc service cap insignia. The new enhancements were first worn by the 3rd US Infantry Regiment ("the Old Guard"). The light-blue cord and disks became standard for all Infantrymen in 1952.


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We are located in the Killeen/Ft. Hood, TX area but can service the entire Central Texas area to accommodate your catering needs. Please use the link below to inquire about catering availability.

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The Crew

A battalion is only as strong as it's weakest link, and there are some pretty damn strong links here at Rossler's Blue Cord Barbecue.  Check out our team below.


steven WAYNE rossler, jr.

Owner and Pitmaster, raised in the Midland, TX area, Greenwood to be exact. Steven's love of barbeque came at a young age. Steve his father loved to barbeque on Saturday and Sunday and taught Steven everything he knows today. Other influences are KD's Bar-B-Q of Midland, TX, Miller's Smokehouse of Belton, TX and both Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ.


kristen rossler

The BACKBONE and Beauty of Rossler's BLUE CORD Barbecue. With 10 + years in the restaurant business, Kristen runs a tight ship.


steven Wayne rossler, sr.

The "ORIGINAL" Pitmaster and voice of reason. Steve "Pawpa" keeps a close eye on the pit but loves mostly to interact with our customers. 


paisley grace rossler

Rossler’s Blue Cord Barbecue (and the world’s) most adorable dessert girl. You can often find her at the end of the serving line handing you the most delicious dessert you’ve ever had.


our Store

You've asked for it, and we deliver.  Here is our entire assortment of hats, shirts, and any other stuff we can come up with.  See all of our products here.


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